on the wall

Mustard on the wall, meat stank in the air, we sat down for a burger dinner.

In the meat: Meat

with Bacon

condiments: Ketchup
Spicy Mustard
Dill Havarti

the Bun: Whole wheat english muffin

Wished there would have been: Fresh tomato
Spinach or Lettuce
Red Onion

On the turntable: Arab Strap

On the Wall: Mustard (seriously)

On my shirt: Mustard (seriously)

Did the dishes, then did a no no with the copper scrubber on the Le Cruset grill. Oops. Note to self: Never scrub the Le Cruset with a copper scrubber.....not only does it wreck the coating, it also is stinky.

Posted by Michelle

i resent the term "meat stank."
One of my colleagues here in the North likes this blog and would like more.
Michelle - I love it. - Mark
i hope you guys are still eating even though you haven't been posting about it lately.
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