We know that you've been concerned about din din. We're sorry that we've been slacking, but there is good excuse - 1. end of semester for Rowley 2. Michelle works 2 jobs 7 days a week. But I promise you, we're doing fine, and have some delicious meals to speak of!

beginning with thanksgiving - it was so delicious. Rowley's mom, Linda, you see, this is her favorite holiday. She sparkles in the kitchen and creates beautiful plates for her family:
Harry, Hugh, Emily, Ben, Jen, Rowley, Michelle, Max .... and Amy and her husband Greg with their three chilies, Anna, Louey, and Sophie - but they were in Florida this year.

We began with a glass of Old Ghost wine, that is known for changing flavors with every swallow. Then came out crisp salads with buttery greens, spinach, orange slices, avocado, red onion, and a slight garlic oil vinaigrette with a touch of fresh ground pepper.

The buffet consisted of a huge bird, deep fried and absolutely juicy, flavorful, and delicious; stuffing balls (baked in cupcake pans, a great idea if you're deep-frying a turkey!) fresh cranberry jello, baked veggies, and fresh bread.

Beverages: spiced cider, water, and wine.

After plenty of food, naps, and watching movies, Rowley and I went out for a spin on Harry and Linda's townie bikes. We watched the sun begin to set, then naturally decided to race home and I almost won.

Two things....

The picture of the sunset reminds me of a story my friend russ tells when reminiscing about his time in New Jersey. I don't remember all the details, but it's something like this: Russ's roommate woke up early one morning before work. While she was up and about she looked outside and saw a fire somewhere deep in the forest. She ran outside with her other roommate to make sure the woods were really burning. Sure enough, they were.
They decided to call the fire department before leaving for work. And the punchline? Russ wakes up to the fire department informing him that it was just a sunrise. Russ's name ended up on the report. You'll have to ask him about the other time his name ended up on bogus police reports.
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