Cross-Cultural Enchiladas

Dear Readers,

Determined to create a menu for the week and keep on a strict grocery budget, I planned a Sunday enchiladas lunch intended also for Monday's leftovers. Finding fresh produce at Stanleys and condiments at Trader Joes and Cub Foods, I collected my things using 'The Joy of Cooking' as my guide. I was stumped on one ingredient for the enchiladas sauce - and please, if you know, tell me - is tomato paste the same thing as tomato puree? I decided it was.

I sauteed onions and and mixed up a smell-good tomato sauce when I was ready to assemble the cheese and onions in the tortillas. Lo and behold, I reach for my "tortillas" realizing that I hurriedly bought pita bread instead. My options at that point - to run to the store, call Rowley - who didn't have his phone, or compromise. Compromise- the pita's I figured would create somewhat of a gordita...

Next, refried beans, check. Rice - only have basmati. Is that kosher? I decided it wasn't. The beans would have to do. I did it right with the sour cream, thank goodness.

By the way, the enchiladas were huge... I made my way through one. Rowley did not. He was kind about it, but I could tell that my seemingly cross-cultural enchiladas did not score with him. There were too many onions and the sauce was more like a sweet pizza red sauce. Though Mexican, Greek and Italian food groups call for similar items like cheese, red sauce, onions, and a starch, somehow they do not mix.

Note to self: Stick to nachos. You are really good at those.

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