Cross-Cultural Enchiladas

Dear Readers,

Determined to create a menu for the week and keep on a strict grocery budget, I planned a Sunday enchiladas lunch intended also for Monday's leftovers. Finding fresh produce at Stanleys and condiments at Trader Joes and Cub Foods, I collected my things using 'The Joy of Cooking' as my guide. I was stumped on one ingredient for the enchiladas sauce - and please, if you know, tell me - is tomato paste the same thing as tomato puree? I decided it was.

I sauteed onions and and mixed up a smell-good tomato sauce when I was ready to assemble the cheese and onions in the tortillas. Lo and behold, I reach for my "tortillas" realizing that I hurriedly bought pita bread instead. My options at that point - to run to the store, call Rowley - who didn't have his phone, or compromise. Compromise- the pita's I figured would create somewhat of a gordita...

Next, refried beans, check. Rice - only have basmati. Is that kosher? I decided it wasn't. The beans would have to do. I did it right with the sour cream, thank goodness.

By the way, the enchiladas were huge... I made my way through one. Rowley did not. He was kind about it, but I could tell that my seemingly cross-cultural enchiladas did not score with him. There were too many onions and the sauce was more like a sweet pizza red sauce. Though Mexican, Greek and Italian food groups call for similar items like cheese, red sauce, onions, and a starch, somehow they do not mix.

Note to self: Stick to nachos. You are really good at those.

I say let Michelle cook more. Also can she come over and make me something with meat? Thanks in advance.
Great idea for a blog, amigos. It's gorgeous. Michelle is my favorite blogger (I mean: not compared to Rowley -- compared to everyone).
That looks super tasty even with the pita. I'm glad dinDin is back up and at it, it makes my hungry. And about that tomato buisness, paste is spoon it out of the can thick and more tomato-y tasting than puree which is a kind of dump out of the can consistancy. I've been having a hard time finding puree lately. How do you like that Joy of Cooking book...I'm thinking about a purchase.
Gee, thanks guys for your encouragement. Now that I know who my readers are, I am motivated to post more regularly. Thank you! I owe it all to you.

Also, Jen, the Joy of Cooking is a great standby. It does tend to stick to an all american menu more or less. It has a good guacamole recipe though. Get it for the basics and then expand on your own.. I know you are good at that.
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hey, love the site.
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